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Leading POS Printer, POS Printing Solution, Graphic Tablet Shop in Bangladesh.

Computer technology has become a part of our daily lives and for a huge part of our lives, we depend on technology products every day. There is hardly a house in Bangladesh without technology products. This is where we came from Annex Trade International was launched in March 2016 as a technology product store We focus on providing the best possible service to our customers. This is why Annex Trade International is one of the most trusted names in the technology industry i n Bangladesh today.

Best POS Printer & POS Printing Solution Shop in Bangladesh

A POS printer basically prints a note in the shape of a small piece of paper that you can use for your business or any other purpose. Discover a wide range of POS Printers including Rongta, Xprinter, Zebra, Bixolon at the best price in Bangladesh. Shop online or visit our Annex Trade International Branch.Thermal Pos Printer Price In Bangladesh | POS Printer in Bangladesh 2022.Everyone have used an ATM or bought something at the supermarket where POS printers are widely Used For Receipt & Billing.Pos Printer Price in Bangladesh. Annex Trade International is proud to have one of the largest POS printers ranges available on the market nowadays giving our customers a wider choice than ever before to meet their individual receipt printing requirements. Annex Trade International Technologies thermal printer range offers a selection of fast, reliable barcode, label, ticket, and receipt printers. Thermal Pos Printer Price In Bangladesh 2022 | POS Printer in Bangladesh 2022

POS Printer Price In Bangladesh? Best POS Printer Price List in Bangladesh (BD) in 2022

A POS printer basically prints a note in the shape of a small piece of paper that you can use for your business or any other purpose. Discover a wide range of POS Printers including RongtaXprinterZebraBixolon at the best price in Bangladesh. Shop online or visit our Annex Trade International Branch.

Best Desktop PC Shop in Bangladesh

If you are looking for the best computer shop in Bangladesh, you should consider Annex Trade International, as it is a leading computer shop and e-commerce platform that sells computer and IT products across Bangladesh through its branches and websites. It offers a fast, secure and convenient online shopping experience, offering a wide range of products ranging from desktop PCs, laptops to office equipment, cameras and smart devices. Annex Trade International always strives to offer its customers the best possible benefits - including multiple payment options, EMI facility, best price, cash on delivery, delivery to 64 districts, free home delivery within Bangladesh city, 24/7 online support and extensive. Customer service and warranty commitment.

Best PC Component & Accessories Shop in Bangladesh

Shop Now Best quality computer components at the best price in Bangladesh from Annex Trade International. We have a range of high quality computer components and gadgets for your need. Our range consists of Asus graphics card, Asus LED monitor, Corsair PowerSupply, Gigabyte Gaming G1, Gigabyte graphics card, Thermaltake Casing and many more computer components that you are wishing to find.PC components are one most important for computer systems. If your components are faster and latest your pc will run smoothly. You have to collect the best component for your pc. All our computer components come from different brands, and they are available in various price ranges. We assure you to provide the best quality components along with warranty. Shop with us and find the best computer accessories you are looking to buy.

Best Gaming Shop in Bangladesh

Shop for video games, game consoles, and accessories. We’re the video game store in Bangladesh with a large selection of top brands. Get access to the latest collection of gaming products. You can now buy games online at the lowest rates. Your one stop destination gaming that lets you pre-order games online. Lets get gaming.Gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment now. We aim to provide the best selection of Gaming Desktop PC, gaming laptops, and gaming consoles. We also have other gaming components like the gaming motherboard, Liquid cooler, Cooler fan, gaming casing, hi-performance RAMKit, Graphics card, etc. Gamers can accessorize their gaming setup with various accessories like gaming mouse, keyboard, mousepad, headphones, gamepad, RGB light-strips, etc. apart from these regular ones we have some special gaming-focused accessories like gaming chairs, gaming desks, gaming Sofa, RGB mousepad. We have a strategic partnership with some known gaming brands like Razer, Antec, Gamdias, and Asus. As for the other brand coverage, we have gaming products from all other popular brands like A4Tech Bloody, ASRock, SteelSeries, Logitech, Corsair, Redragon, Coolermaster, Fantech, Cougar, Zadak, Gigabyte, Elgato, and many more.

Top 10 Best Office Equipment Companies in Bangladesh

Modern-day office space has gotten various iterations in the form of a home office, Startup workspace, and so on. Tech products are a staple for home offices, startups, and regular offices. Annex Trade International delivers office equipment like laptops, desktops, routers, printers, Photocopiers, Conference Systems, attendance machines, Server equipment, and other must-have products to run an office properly. Bangladesh Top 10 Office Equipment Companies list:

Best E-commerce Shop to order your desired Product.

Annex Trade International has always given priority to its customers and has launched e-commerce shops in addition to physical stores to ensure better customer service. The goal was to meet the needs of more customers in the shortest possible time. Since then, we have topped the list as the best e-commerce shop in Bangladesh. Our website has a comprehensive search option to find the desired product. Our website features a Annex Trade International  maker so you can create a custom PC with your desired components. We organize many promotional campaigns on various occasions and on a regular basis. Some of our successful events are Flash Sale, Special Offer, Thunder Thunder, Anniversary Special Offer, New Year Offer, 12.12 Campaign and many more. We even organize special gaming events and tournaments for Bangladeshi gamers with famous gaming brands like Razer and Asus ROG.

Find the Best CCTV Security Solution at the Annex Trade International.

Annex Trade International has a separate unit of CCTV section to deal with the customer’s security solution.  In this segment you will find an attractive complete CCTV HD & Full HD package that includes Dahua, Hikvision & ZKteco cameras and other necessary devices. Our CC camera for home & office is also enrich with latest HD, Full HD, IP & PTZ cameras DVR, NVR & XVR to facilitate you a one stop CCTV solution. Other than CC camera we also deliver Home security doorbell & Access Control systems for your home and office. Any accessories related your security system will be delivered at low price by our best CCTV camera company in Bangladesh.

Regarding CC Camera price in BD we can offer you the best in the market. Among the popular brands we provide the best Hikvision CC camera price in BD and Hikvision DVR price in Bangladesh. Our IP Camera price in Bangladesh is very reasonable that allows you to see your home & office anytime from anywhere in the world. Now Annex trade international  is operating all over the country including major Bangladesh. Our online delivery will send your desired item to any place you want inside Bangladesh. 

What Is The POS Printer Price In Bangladesh 2022

We Have Accumulated A Price List Including Top POS Printer Available In Bangladesh. Our Extensive Price List Allows You To Choose The Best POS Printer As Per Your Requirements. Since Online Stores Run Sales And Discounts Almost On A Regular Basis, And Not All Sites Provide The Same Deal, The Prices Of POS Printer Vary From Site To Site. To Help You Overcome This Problem, We Update Our POS Printer Price Quite Frequently. This Ensures That You Are Aware Of Which Website Is Providing You With The Best Deal.Find Our Reguller Offers And Build Your PC Easily.

Annex Trade International POS Printer Price List Page Shows You Prices For The Latest POS Printer Models Available In Bangladesh With Avail Benefits Such As Free Shipping, EMI, Product Exchange, Extended Warranty, And Assured Buyback. Find The Lowest Prices In Bangladesh Along With Product Specifications, Key Features, Pictures, Ratings & More. The Lowest Prices Are Obtained For Easy Price Comparison. Follow Us On Facebook For Regular Updates & Offers. Subscribe To OurYouTube Channel For Product Reviews.

Best Graphics Tablet Price in Bangladesh 2022

Graphics Tablet has become an important tool in modern-day marketing and Graphics designing. These tablets are the latest replacement for traditional drawing notebooks. Graphics tablets are a special type of tablet PC that is designed especially for designing and drawing purposes. The very first descendant of the graphics tablet was Telautograph, patented by Elisha Gray in 1888. This device could only recognize handwriting. But now we have compact graphics tablets with styluses capable of handling complex designs.

GTop Graphics Drawing Tablet Brands available in BD

If you are planning to buy a graphics tablet there are multiple choices for brands. Most known Graphics Drawing tablets are from; Wacom, Huion, XP-Pen, Veikk, and Ugee. Each of these brands has its specialty. Wacom is the gold standard for drawing tablets whereas Huion, Veikk, and Ugee are known for their balance in affordability and quality. XP-Pen tablets come with extra accessories.